Joie Elevate?

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kitchenditherer Mon 15-Aug-16 16:27:05

Anybody know anything about it?

Need a car seat to use about 3 times a year at relative's house. Short journeys only. No need to be nap-compatible. Must be light for 70-something relative to move about.

DS is 18 months old. Only a little heavier than average but v long in the body. Was thinking about a Britax Prince but we have an Eclipse for plane holidays (he has an ERF seat in our car) and I think his shoulders will be above the harness well before he's 4. So we'll probably end up replacing with a 123 seat at that stage. So I'm wondering whether to get a 123 seat now.

Found the Joie Elevate, which seems ok but with v few reviews. Any other suggestions? Or are there any other lightweight Stage 1 seats that extend nice and high?

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BertieBotts Sun 21-Aug-16 22:45:43

123 seats are still only designed to have a harness which is used until 18kg in most cases, so you'll find that the harness isn't any bigger than a group 1 only seat.

If you want one which harnesses until 25kg (and the associated height) then you likely need to look at ERF seats or just search for "group 2 harnessed seat".

Have you checked his projected height in red book? That might give you an idea. They do grow much more slowly after 2 or so, so you might have more time than you realise. The average height of an 18kg boy is about 100-115cm with the 50th centile being about 107.5. Obviously it would depend if the height is in the legs or torso as this seems to vary, but if he's not on track to outgrow that he might be OK anyway. I'd guess the harnesses will be designed to accommodate a child up to about 100/110cm.

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