Fixed rotating seat from birth... Does it even exist?

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SpaceDinosaur Fri 08-Jul-16 23:18:17

I don't want a removable car seat for DC1 (due Dec)
I really really want a fixed seat.

In my ideal happy world, it would be fixed in place but rotate 90degrees to put baby in and then rotate back to rear facing.

This magical car seat would also be one of those which grows with baby, eventually to 3 yrs.

Am I looking for a real product or am I mashing up two different products?

Thank you!

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Mermaid36 Fri 08-Jul-16 23:20:02

I think the Nuna Rebl might be what you want, but they aren't cheap....

milkyface Fri 08-Jul-16 23:20:26

Joie stages is from birth to 7 ish years.

I know it faces both ways but not sure about the 90 degrees thing!

originalusernamefail Fri 08-Jul-16 23:24:14

Britax Dualfix does all those things (doesn't fit in my car though angry).

randomsabreuse Fri 08-Jul-16 23:26:56

Cybex Sirona with newborn insert does this. Not sure how good the newborn insert is as got the seat as an early upgrade when the 3 point harness in the infant seat was not looking likely to contain my then 8 month old much longer. Swivel function is really easy and pretty convenient.

LotsOfDots Fri 08-Jul-16 23:28:06

I think the cybex sirona also does these things. Mother are stock the nuna and the britax ones if you want to go and have a look.

SpaceDinosaur Fri 08-Jul-16 23:29:42

I bloody love you MNers!

I have googled the key features and keep
getting things which aren't what I'm looking for.

Thank you so so much for so many great starting points grin

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apatheticfallacy Fri 08-Jul-16 23:33:11

I came on to say cybex Sirona and Britax dualfix definitely. I don't think joie stages rotates (everystage definitely doesn't) maybe the maxi cosi axissfix - definitely swivels not sure about suitability from birth.

All great seats!

JellyTipisthebest Sat 09-Jul-16 07:37:11

There is a joie one as well.

marmitecrumpets Sat 09-Jul-16 07:41:11

I tried the Nuna Rebl. It looked beautiful but my baby flopped so far forward in it that it wasn't safe at all. I exchanged it for the Cybex Sirona. I can't recommend it enough. It does all you asked for, and did well in all the crash tests etc

Silvertap Sat 09-Jul-16 07:42:48

I have the britax dual fix and it was worth every penny we spent on it.

Starman16 Sat 09-Jul-16 07:47:33

The Cybex Sirona is great! And you don't necessarily need the newborn insert with it - only if you have a small baby not a 9lb chubbalub like my DS

Insertwitticismhere Sat 09-Jul-16 07:53:28

Nuna rebl here. (Though we used a maxi cosI pebble when dd was tiny) Head falling forward seemed to be an issue but we had the seat refitted and it's fine now.

Mermaid36 Sun 10-Jul-16 17:06:32

I really liked the Nuna Rebl, but as I had twins, I couldn't afford 2 of them...

We ended up with totally different seats after going to a baby show and looking at all the manufacturer stands.

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