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Car seat advice please - 3yo DD

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marushka82 Thu 30-Jun-16 11:00:22

We're about to buy our first car soon and I'm super confused about car seats so need some advice.
My DD is 3yo. I read about rear facing seats and DH and I agreed that they seem like the best option.
I found this Joie Every stage one which is rear facing until the child turns 4 or reaches 18kg and then turns into forward facing. Expensive but would last us longer.
I understand it would be best to get the car first and then choose the seat as some cars allow isofix and some don't - is this correct?
One thing I'm worried about with the ERF (and I realise it's very silly) is that DD will hate it as a) she's not done much travelling in car seats (usually twice a year when we visit my parents and then she is usually forward facing) and b) she won't be able to see us. I also worry about not being able to see her (unless of course I sit in the back).

Do you have any tips or your own experiences you can share? This is a totally new thing for me so anything would be very appreciated!

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Laquila Thu 30-Jun-16 11:06:15

I have a mirror fixed above my baby's seat so I can see his reflection in the rear-view mirror - works really well. I don't have one for my toddler any more (I just assume that he'd tell me if there was a problem and that if he's quiet he's probably fallen asleep!) but no reason you can't have one for your 3 yr old.

The Joie is a good seat - we have the previous one, the Stages, in my mum's car.

I'd definitely wait until you have the car though before you buy one. Theoretically the Stages should fit in the vast majority of cars, as it's belt-fitted, but even so, it's worth checking first.

Laquila Thu 30-Jun-16 11:07:57

FWIW, your daughter will probably not give a monkeys about rear facing - my son loves the potential for seeing tractors and the like out of all three windows! He does front face sometimes in my husband's van, and has never had a problem going backwards.

marushka82 Thu 30-Jun-16 11:14:44

thanks for the tips Laquila
You're probably right, especially since she's not used to either way so hopefully will be fine smile

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icklekid Thu 30-Jun-16 11:17:53

If it helps ds is very used to forward facing however went in a friends car seat the other day. He was upset for about 5 mins then fine and when we got in to come home was not bothered at all. If its the seat you want just make sure big enough rear seat space.

babyiwantabump Thu 30-Jun-16 11:18:16

I have the every stage for my 2 year old and he loves it - has no problem facing backwards as he can see more out the back window .

I also have a mirror for my 5 month old but not the 2 year old as he will say if he has a problem and when he's quiet I know he's sleeping.

The every stage is a really good seat and you won't ever have to buy another!

marushka82 Thu 30-Jun-16 11:37:54

Thanks! That's really helpful. I just realised DD is forward facing when she's travelling with a childminder (once a week or so) but oh well she'll have to get used to it, safety first!
We are going to test drive a Kia Rio tomorrow (we're buying second hand) so I'll have a look at the space at the back (know nothing about cars though so not sure how much space would be needed!)

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marushka82 Thu 30-Jun-16 12:49:10

Are there any other rear facing seats (even if just until 18 kgs) that are worth looking at?

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