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Foward facing Isofix seat for large toddler

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AliceMum09 Mon 27-Jun-16 22:56:33

You have more choice of seats if you go for rear facing up to 25kgs, and they will give your son more space than the 2 Way Pearl. The Axkid Minikid or Britax Two Way Elite are the tallest ones.

AndNowItsSeven Mon 27-Jun-16 11:48:01

Rear facing is far far safer than forward facing. I would work on helping him to be happy rear facing.

captaincake Mon 27-Jun-16 11:45:13

Most isofix car seats only go up to 18kg so you're likely to be best with a seat belt one, harnesses also normally go up to 18kg too and at his centiles you're likely to need a harnessed to 25kg seat to get him to age 4 before using a high backed booster. Take a look at the britax two way elite, britax advansafix and diono radian 5.

greenlizard Sun 26-Jun-16 21:18:07

My DS is 99 centile for weight/height at 15 months - over 14 kgs currently and seemingly growing every time he goes to sleep smile. I am now expecting number two and was planning on moving him out of his current car seat into a forward facing car seat without a base and using the base again for the pepple car seat for number 2.

We had bought him the Maxi Cosi Pearl 2 way seat and he screamed blue murder facing backwards even though he was ok in the pebble facing backwards) so now I have him facing forwards which he absolutely fine with (though the recline is not very good IMO)

What do I need to think about? Any recommendations?


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