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ARRGGHH! Mini Cooper 1st gen, is there a safe car seat?!

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Fizzyboo Fri 24-Jun-16 21:42:04

Hi all...

After loads of internet research on what group 0 baby seat would fit my 2002 Mini Cooper (no isofix bar), we took ourselves off to mothercare to try out the one we thought would work, the cabriofix with and without the easy fix base.

Except... it didn't go as well as we'd hoped. The base wobbled about and the leg either hung in the air, or tipped the base at too higher an angle due to the scooped buckety shape of the back seats.

We tried the seat on its own, they said it was fine, but I felt it wobbled far too much. She insisted only the up/down wobble was of importance as it wasnt going to flip out of the seat, but it was far from as secure as I wanted, so we left it...

I'm due in 6 weeks, so really need to find something that will fit, I feel at a complete loss as I cant afford a new car, surely there's something out there that fits this deep scoop seat?

Any advice welcome, especially if you have or did get a baby seat in a first gen (r50) Mini Cooper! Thanks!!

Fizzyboo Sun 26-Jun-16 16:36:50

Ok I've found the holy grail for those searching the Internet for something to fit their r50 with the chilli pack scooped bucket seats, and it's the cybex Aton and base. The thing locks down like it was built especially for it. There's no wobble, no need for bodge jobs with rolled towels, nada. It's perfect!

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