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Does this car seat exist..

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CottonSock Thu 02-Jun-16 12:56:01

My daughter is quickly outgrowing her stage 1 seat, not even three yet as her head at top of axiss

I want a 1,2,3 seat, with harness (not impact sheild) and isofix.

There does not seem to be any made like this though. Man in Halfords said more being made all the time (due to new law) so I might try and hang on a bit longer. Or see if she can go into a 2,3 seat - I don't feel she's ready yet though to go without harness.

I didn't think my criteria were very unusual, but apparently so.
I want isofix as our honda is a pain in the arse regarding seat belt fitting. My favourite was the recaro sport hero, but apparently that won't fit. He thinks a graco nautilus might be best, but not isofix and not the best reviews on which.

Thanks for reading

Bamaluz Thu 02-Jun-16 13:56:29

Halfords are not great in knowing about car seats.
There is this one in Mothercare. The in-car safety centre has some too,

CottonSock Thu 02-Jun-16 15:09:14

Thanks for the info. I will see if it fits our car.
I've tried mothercare and John lewis too, not much better advice really.
Car has seat belts on straps (rules out many seats apparently ) and no top tether points. At least it has isofix.

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