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3 car seats in a Nissan X-Trail (2015)

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vallinnapod Tue 12-Apr-16 10:45:32

I currently have a Cybex Q2-Fix HBB and a Maxi Cosi Pearl on a Family Fix base....

A surprise #3 is due (finger crossed) but there is no way on earth there is room for all 3 of them in the back of the car.

Frustratingly the car (a Nissan X-Trail 5 seater, 2015) is only a year old and on a 3 year PCP. I believe there is a possibility to 'buy' your way out of the contract early but I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to prevent this?

DS's Cybex is REALLY wide but the whole reason I chose it was because it was the safest on the market. I know there is probably only a small amount between all HBBs but I would definitely feel guilty if we needed to swap it for anything less safe (although PLEASE someone correct me if I am wrong!)

DD is in the Pearl as we had it for DS and previously had the Pebble when they were infants, again, It would be frustrating to change but a new car seat would be more economical than a new car!

As for a potential 0+ seat, I sold our Pebble as I thought we were done.....I like the Cybex Cloud (the reclining one) as I have a feeling #3 will be in it a lot from the car to pushchair frame running around after the other two so a lie flat recline would make me feel less guilty about that.

There is no ISOFIX in the centre seat, ideally the infant seat would be on ISOFIX for ease of getting in and out whilst wrangling the other 2!

Wise ladies - HELP smile

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