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Isafe group 1/2/3

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Fedupoftheheat Sat 19-Mar-16 06:28:25

Hi my 11 month old is nearly big enough to move up into the next car seat. Has anyone used the Isafe chair before? It looks ok on amazon and has mostly good reviews but it's not a brand I'm familiar with.
Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this car seat?

moggle Sat 19-Mar-16 20:54:21

I don't know that brand, but it is safest to leave him in the infant seat until he is about to be too big for it, rather than moving him as soon as he's technically big enough for the next seat. There's a big step down in safety especially if the next seat is a forward facing one.

Fedupoftheheat Sat 19-Mar-16 22:05:08

He is almost too big for it that's the issue. My other son is in a forward facing maxi cosi , I just wondered if anyone had heard of this brand

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