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Joie Trillo car seat? Is it ok?

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rrra Tue 15-Mar-16 11:22:23

I ordered a Joie Trillo LX seat, which I was happy with. It was a bargain price so thought it may have been a mistake. It was and I got a standard Joie Trillo. I've been offered the option to keep it with a further discount. Which haven't reviewed this seat. Any ideas where I can get safety info? Was thinking of keeping it for grandparents car, so only occasional use. Thanks!

GunShotResidue Tue 15-Mar-16 11:26:09

I we have the trillo shield, but you only use the shield but when using it as a group 1 seat. Using it as a group 2/3 is, I believe, the same as having a normal trillo. Which have reviewed the trillo shield so you might be able to get some info from that.

AliceMum09 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:52:29

The Trillo is often recommended by child seat safety experts as a very good high backed booster. I'd consider buying it if I were looking to buy another high backed booster.

I have a Joie Stages seat, and in terms of quality it's easily as good as all the Britax seats I've owned.

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