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Is it ok to use a car seat as an around the house baby chair?

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PruneCat Wed 24-Feb-16 00:19:43

I'm a total noob, and we have a VERY small flat, so I am trying to consolidate baby stuff. I was thinking about getting the MotherCare pram that comes with a free car seat, even though we don't have a car because it might be convenient for those few occasions when baby does ride in a car but my main question is:

Can the car seat sub in for a baby chair to use around the house? I could make it more amusing by attaching some toys or something, right? Thanks.

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bellabelly Wed 24-Feb-16 00:24:12

I think current thinking is that it's not a good idea to keep babies in car seats when not in the car. I can't remember the details but I think it's a suffocation risk - something to do with their position in the car seat. I did sometimes leave mine in the car seats and use inside the house but I wouldn't risk it now, having read that particular article... will try to find a link.

bellabelly Wed 24-Feb-16 00:25:37

Sorry for the Daily Mail link...

houseeveryweekend Wed 24-Feb-16 00:41:13

Yes! Because there are the same risks with using a dedicated baby seat as well so you may as well just use the car seat! I used mine as a baby seat because we only had a small flat. You cant leave them in there for long periods of time as it harms the development of their back but any baby seat would also do this.
With a young immobile baby you need to alter the positions they are in during the day. For example you could have them in the car seat for half an hour then lying in their playgym or cot for half an hour.
When a young baby is in a car seat or any baby seat you need to check on them regularly because sometimes their heads can flop forward and if they haven't learnt good neck control yet they can end up suffocating.
Obviously as well never put the car seat on a raised surface even if you think the baby cant move, babies learn new movements all the time and could topple themselves over and again end up suffocated or hitting their head. xxx

WanderingTrolley1 Wed 24-Feb-16 00:44:51


CointreauVersial Wed 24-Feb-16 00:55:10

Not good for their backs or development of mobility to stay in car seats for long. And car seats are heavy, cumbersome things - a bit pointless if you are not using it in a car.

If space is limited you'd be better off with a playmat/quilted blanket and lie the baby on the floor.

PruneCat Wed 24-Feb-16 01:22:29

Thanks houseeveryweekend, your advice makes more sense than the article, and you're right; they ascribe that risk not only to car seats but to bouncers and chairs too. If a child can be strangled in a car seat in 4 minutes then how is it safe to use it in the car even? Sounds like fearmongering. I'm thinking about using it more for plonking baby down in the bathroom or kitchen when I'm doing something in there, not for unsupervised napping. Still, CointreauVersial's point about bulkiness is also a consideration. Maybe just the playmat and the snuzpod are the way to go and save space by not getting the carseat at all. So. Much. Stuff. To. Decide. head explodes

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houseeveryweekend Wed 24-Feb-16 01:45:03

yes they are bulky! I used mine because we had it for the car anyway. It was very useful for the bathroom, I could have a shower with him in his car seat next to the shower and he wouldn't cry because he could see me. I could also stick him in front of washing machine in it whilst I was doing the washing up and hed be mesmerised and not cry. But yeah playmats are easier to move about and store. Babies get bored of car seats within a few months as well, they resist being put into them (unless in a moving car) BUT they can be very comforting to newborns because they feel enclosed and safe, so can make some newborns cry less.
And yeah there are loads of fearmongering articles about absolutely everything being able to kill your baby and then a whole host of articles that say completely contradictory things! welcome to the terror of motherhood!! basically I think the general consensus is: don't leave your baby in any one position for too long and regularly check on your baby or keep them in eyesight whenever possible xxx

pjsmamma Thu 25-Feb-16 23:16:42

I was told leaving the hospital to try not exceed 1.5hours per day in the car seat as it can cause flat head-as there isn't enough room for them to freely move their heads from left to right and also for their developing backs. I do live far away from home which would push me 3 hours in total with baby in his seat but this was only once per week

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