0-1 car seat. Britax First Class or Obaby Combination or M&P Mercury or Joie tilt (or other)?

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TR13 Sun 31-Jan-16 16:59:56

Hi all- all similar prices (Mamas and papas a bit cheaper).
Which should I go for (or is there something better in the £60-90 range).
Want it to be 0-1 group as not connecting to pushchair.
P's. What is the 'D' before DS,DD and DH (darling????)

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AliceMum09 Sun 31-Jan-16 17:45:08

Definitely not the OBaby seat as it's only rear facing until 9kgs, it's a Group 0 seat for rear facing not a Group 0+ (Group 0+ can be rear facing until 13kgs).

The Mamas and Papas Mercury is a Group 1-2-3 seat, so it's not rear facing at all and not suitable from birth.

I have had a Britax First Class and used it for my son from 3 months old and my two daughters from birth. It's really important to use it rear facing until your child reaches 13kgs, rather than turning it round to face forward at 9kgs. It's a very good seat.

But if I was buying now I'd buy a Joie Tilt because it can stay rear facing until 18kgs (although if your child is taller than average you might have to stop using it before they weigh 18kgs due to their head getting level with the top edge of the seat).

It's really important that children stay rear facing until they are at least 4 years old www.lookbacklonger.com

TR13 Sun 31-Jan-16 18:47:23

Hi. Many thanks. I think there may be two age groups available for the Mercury. The one I'm referring to is £65 in Argos and separate to the 1-2-3. Thanks for your input; from reviews and safety test info I was leaning towards the britax £72 online, though, after your comments, will look closer at the tilt. Thank you

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AliceMum09 Sun 31-Jan-16 19:19:07

Ah sorry, I can see the one you mean in Argos now. A lot of the reviews say it's not very stable in the car (which is a common problem with cheaper unbranded seats) and worrying one of the reviewers seems to think that you can use it forward or rear facing from birth shock I quote "Bought this car seat for my 4 month old grandson. Great advantage is it fits in car rear/forward facing. Easy to install, dont be alarmed that it doesnt come in a box, supposedly thats the norm! My grandson looks so comfortable in it, he loved the forward facing, purchased this at the reduced price and was well worth the money. Its a great buy, my son even got one for his car!! " I hate reading reviews like that (and there are so many, on loads of baby shop websites, stating that their 6/7/8 month old loves their new forward facing seat) when there is no way of contacting the reviewer to tell them how much less safe their child is in a forward facing seat at that age.

Definitely stick with the Britax or Joie seats. The Britax First Class suited us well, my DD2 is quite petite so she's actually used it rear facing until she finally hit 13kgs a couple of months ago - at over 3 1/2 years old!

TR13 Sun 31-Jan-16 20:06:40

Many thanks for your insight. As the Joie is a bit of an unknown and everyone who's had the britax seems happy (with only the occasional very minor grumble albeit not generally safety related) I think I'll go for that... Also £72 with free sun shades!!!! Send like a good price.

Thanks again

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