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ERF top contenders: Britax HiWay 2 vs. BeSafe Izi Kid I-size X1/2

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InFrance2014 Thu 14-Jan-16 16:22:24

Looking for opinions/experience on these two, the price difference (best offers I can find) is £127 and is causing arguments! (I want the more expensive one grin)

Isofix vs. belting not an issue, just want to know if the extra price for the BeSafe is worth it- having been used to MaxiCosi infant seat, I'd really prefer to have a recline function while driving, plus it just looks much more substantial than HiWay, even if I bought extra head cushion for the latter.

I understand both have ok legroom (HiWay because of short cushion), but the BeSafe seems more adjustable overall, and has higher position for window view.
Our DD is v. petite, only 9kg/80cm at 22 months. So 18kg limit of BeSafe would not be outgrown fast, and DH is worried she might prefer to be FF after 18kg anyway.

I know there's also BeSafe Izi Plus for RF to 25kg, but it's a bigger seat and our car isn't huge (Suzuki Ignis), whereas the Kid I-size is supposed to be smaller.

[Just to confuse things even more, is it even worth considering extended convertibles like Klippan Triofix Recline, which act as FF highback seats to 36kg? Or are they not as safe overall/money-saving? I can get one for same price as the Izi Kid...]

AliceMum09 Fri 15-Jan-16 20:01:42

With your daughter's weight you don't need to bother with the Izi Plus if you feel it's too big for your car - when I went to buy an ERF seat for my youngest child the one that fitted best was a Britax Multi Tech II so that's what we bought. It has a 25kgs weight limit but my daughter only weighs 13kgs at almost 4 years old and won't be 25kgs until she's about 10! So we could easily have had an ISOFIX one if they'd had one that was compatible with our car (this was 3 years ago, so there wasn't the same choice as there is now).

In terms of high backed boosters I think the general concensus is that a dedicated Group 2-3 high backed booster is better than a combination seat, but if budget is an issue combination seats are not a bad thing and not unsafe.

In terms of safety there won't be any difference between a BeSafe seat and a Britax one, they are both good brands. Is there somewhere near to you that has both seats for you to compare them? The only thing I'd consider that you've not mentioned is the fact that a bulky 'high up' seat if placed behind the passenger seat can really block your view when trying to parallel park or reverse. Our Multi Tech II is behind the passenger but it sits very low down (and she's so small the headrest is not very high up!) so it doesn't really block my view at all.

captaincake Fri 15-Jan-16 21:44:47

We have a be safe i-size. It is brilliant. DS can see out the windows because it's higher so he's happier. I have a small car and it somehow manages leg room for him and room in the front for a passenger. The recline is brilliant - great for sleeping and so quick and easy to do. I don't have any trouble parking it doesn't block my view at all.

InFrance2014 Sat 16-Jan-16 14:06:44

Thanks for answers everyone.

We found a shop with an old model Combi X3 and tried it, but at full recline it only just fitted in, and front seat was fully forward, way too cramped.
I know the Kid X1/2 i-Size are supposed to be smaller than this though, so hoping it might still go in. No way to try it out before forking out though, unfortunately: the French seem to much prefer FF seats!

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