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Newborn car seat that reclines to stop lolling head

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Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 12-Dec-15 23:08:27

We have a Graco car seat that my son used as part of his travel system two years ago. I am due DS2 in February and I'm wondering if there is a better car seat out there someone could recommend that I'd able to be reclined more fully. Preferably isofix.

I do have one of those little cushions that fit around the neck that's meant to help when they are older but it was awful to see a really young baby with his head on his chest with my son. I'm keen to avoid that happening again if I can.

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SpendSpendSpend Sat 12-Dec-15 23:10:34

If your sons head was on his chest as a newborn then the car seat was not suitable for your car.

SpendSpendSpend Sat 12-Dec-15 23:12:06

I have a britax dualfix which is from birth to 4 years. It has 3 reclining positions in rear facing mode and 2 seat positions in forward facing mode

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 12-Dec-15 23:26:01

Spend it happened in both my car and my partners. You could either put the car seat in a base or attach it just using the car seatbelt. I mainly used it whilst attached to the base. It was definitely a newborn car seat and my friend had the same seat and had it attached incorrectly in her car. Directly it was attached correctly so the bars at the side were set to green it was pretty upright and the head lolling would happen.

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Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 12-Dec-15 23:32:02

Just looking at the reviews for the Dualfix on amazon I was interested to read one review that said;

'Having deciding on this brand and seat a bit disappointed,doesn't recline as most as would like when facing forward my little ones head is hanging forward which I don't
like,not worth the money'.

I wonder if the head hanging forward thing is pretty common?

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SpendSpendSpend Sat 12-Dec-15 23:40:21

I ve never experienced the head hanging forward before with dd.

Sometimes it can be the position of the back seats, some of them have a slight slope on them which causes the chin to rest on the chest.

When pregnant with dd, mothercare checked for sloping seats in my car and said i wouldnt have the problem with the chin resting on the chest which can cause breathing difficulties.

SpendSpendSpend Sat 12-Dec-15 23:42:16

When you bought the car seat did you get a trained car seat fitter to check your car and car seat together in the car park before you bought the seat?

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 12-Dec-15 23:43:40

That's exactly what I'm scared about having read about breathing difficulties and suffocation on another thread on here tonight.

It worried me at the time but I was really naive as to the dangers.

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Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 12-Dec-15 23:44:38

No. We bought a travel system from Kiddicare I think and just fitted it according to the instructions.

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Whoknewitcouldbeso Sat 12-Dec-15 23:45:58

I have a Fiat grande punto and my partner has a Volvo 4x4 do both very different cars.

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SpendSpendSpend Sat 12-Dec-15 23:47:47

Ahh i think if you had taken the seat to be fitted with your car then they would of advised against using it until baby had some head support (approx 6-12 weeks old)

I personally wouldnt use but its up to you

SpendSpendSpend Sun 13-Dec-15 00:12:06

I ve no idea what the seats are like in those cars.

I have a ford focus 2012 model.

Mothercare told me that sometimes car seats are not suitable to use with a base before the baby has some head support due to some cars and car seats together making the babys chin resting on its head and to stop this problem they advise not using a base or isofix until baby has developed head control.

Bases and isoxfix can cause the seat to be sloped forward and to have that ontop of a rear back seat that is already slightly sloped then the baby is too far tilted forward which then results in babys chin resting on their chest.

Best thing to do is take the main car you use plus the car seat and its base to mothercare (not halfords) and ask their advice

Whoknewitcouldbeso Sun 13-Dec-15 08:07:17

Thanks spend. I felt the seat was safer in the base but perhaps it would have been better just secured with the seatbelt alone.

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SpendSpendSpend Sun 13-Dec-15 12:06:27

Its just an optional feature on the car seat, its not safer if the person securing the seat with the seat belt does it correctly.

Isofix are not safer than using the seat belt. They are an alternative to give parents the piece of mind that the seat is safe if they are not confident that they are doing the seat belt fitting correctly.

What i would do now is put the car seat on the base and take it out to your car. Sit it in the back seat as you would normally and take not of the position, if its tilted forward slightly etc. Then take the car seat off the base and put it in the car without the base and see what it looks like then. See if its not as sloped forward as it was on the base. If its more flatter without the base then i would use the car seat without the base until approx 6 weeks old then if you prefer you can put the base back on.

If your not sure after trying the car seat with and without the base in the car then just pop along to your nearest mothercare who sell and fit car seats (not all mothercares do, depending on how big the shop is) and they will be able to tell you before baby is evern born if they think the seat is suitable or not.

If you live in Cheshire/Lancashire then i highly recommend Mothercare in Warrington on Albion Retail Park. They are approx a 35 min drive from me but i always go there for new car seats and car seat advice.

BertieBotts Sun 13-Dec-15 14:47:43

You can put a pool noodle float (bought in any sports/toy shop) across the back seat to raise the foot end of the car seat up, if you need extra support when belt fitted. Trim to the size of the (adult) seat if you need to fit others in the back of the car.

Don't tilt a newborn car seat too much - they are designed to be at 45 degrees because in a crash you want to minimise upward movement of the baby. If it's too flat, they can be in danger of flying out - this is why the lie flat seats all travel sideways.

Lmt18 Sun 27-Dec-15 00:19:47

What is the opinion or does anyone have experience of the cybex German car seats.

Lmt18 Sun 27-Dec-15 00:22:04

What are the new baby seat rules comming in , in 2018, can anyone enlighten me

AliceMum09 Sun 27-Dec-15 21:32:42

There is nothing significant about 2018, the new 'rules' have been approved into Law and are running alongside the old regulation for now (since they can't just make a complete switch overnight and expect everyone to buy new seats).

This picture explains the new I-size regulations if that's what you're thinking about. But it's worth pointing out that even though they require a baby to be kept rear facing for longer (until they are 15 months old) this still isn't good enough and there are lots of rear facing child seats on the market already that are not I-size and will allow you to keep your child rear facing until they are 25kgs (about 6 years old on average).

firsttimemum15 Tue 02-Feb-16 11:33:06


I have a brittax DualFix. I don't have a car seat that clips on pram. Iw as going to do a separate post but I'm just looking for tips really.

I've realised that I will have to.put pram up every time I want to nip in somewhere. She you used the seat since birth. Any tips for quick trips.etc

Also not followed the thread but does your babies head tilt forward I haven't looked at that I don't think mine does but I was worried head didn't reach back of the seat. I think it does though.Also I don't know if I can get straps to go tight enough on chest. I pull as far as they can go though.

Had some difficulty loosening straps at times.

Mainly wanted tips about dealing with quick trips.

Also I didn't get anyone to fit my seat because I bought from supplier directly o contacted road safety officer St council because I was told they wpuld check seat but they won't. The bottom part of bar is against seat but the top bit isn't.

After watching watchdog segment about shops fitting seats incorrectly I am a bit wary about whether it'd fitted correctly. All components are green though.

Lmt18 Tue 02-Feb-16 16:27:04

Thanks for that information. I am finding some retailers are saying that you need a new seat is required and old one will not do. Obviously staff either don't understand or under pressure for sales , which is ridiculous .

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