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Joie Gemm: concerning rattle

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putthePuffindown Mon 26-Oct-15 19:26:36

Have just had this car seat delivered and have been trying it out today (1st car seat for imminent new arrival, so complete n00bs).

We've fitted it in the car with the Isofix Base and all the indicators have turned green, but it seems to rattle more than expected - is this normal? It's quite quiet when we're driving, it's only when we wiggle it side to side - are they meant to have a bit of play?

Many thanks for any insights smile

dREW3 Wed 02-Dec-15 02:26:07

I had the same problem. The 2 days old car seat is making annoying rattling noise. I contacted the seller and manufacturer about these noises. I also raised concern whether the car seat is safe to use? They insist to have the car seat investigated/repair. In fact these critical/safety device should be inspected prior dispatch. Anyway, they decided to refund instead to discuss what went wrong in the car seat. Cautious! Better be safe than sorry!

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