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BeSafe izi Go with icandy apple or bjcm

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mappemonde Sat 10-Oct-15 23:33:23

Dc3 is due soon but our maxicosi cabriofix is from dc1 so over 6 years old. I've been looking into new group 0 car seats and like the look of the BeSafe Go. It's says it's compatible with some iCandy and the bjcm 4 wheel. We have an offer of the bjcm 3 wheel - will this car seat not fit? And we could also borrow and older iCandy apply jogger. Has anyone used the either of these? TIA

JellyTipisthebest Sun 11-Oct-15 04:38:57

I think it fits on the maxi cosy adapters so anything that takes that will also take the be safe

mappemonde Sun 11-Oct-15 08:32:20

Ah, that's fab, thank you. So I won't need to buy any new adapters either? MaxiCosi must be thrilled about that!

JellyTipisthebest Thu 15-Oct-15 01:08:11

Think they are all really part of the same company put not really sure.

Laquila Tue 17-Nov-15 19:22:50

I have a feeling that I've read that BeSafe won't approve their car seats on 3-wheelers because of the potentialfoe instability but I could have imagined that!! I used the BeSafe IZi Go on a BJ Versa - it's a great seat - but I have another on the way and find my BJCM 3-wheeler gets much more use than the Versa. I'd love to be able to use the IZi Go on it, otherwise I'm going to have to try and trade someone for a MaxiCosi!

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