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Which car seat is compatible with M&P Pliko Switch?

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spekulatius Sat 26-Sep-15 21:50:55

Our old Primo Viaggrio has gone mouldy so I need a new group 0 car seat. Which one will fit the Pliko Switch?

AliceMum09 Sun 27-Sep-15 10:33:08

I think you'll need another Primo Viaggio. I know the newer M&P prams can take a Cybex infant carrier too, but I'm not sure if the Pliko will.

spekulatius Sun 27-Sep-15 10:39:45

For some reason M&P don't seem to sell them anymore so I'm a bit stuck!

AliceMum09 Sun 27-Sep-15 16:30:05

But you don't actually HAVE to have a car seat to use on the pram do you? Would you consider a rear facing birth to 4 years one that would just stay in the car? There are lots of them about now.

BertieBotts Sun 27-Sep-15 16:31:52

I think you can get Maxi Cosi adapters for just about any pushchair on the market - worth searching? Might be worth asking if they do Cybex adapters for their older prams too.

BertieBotts Sun 27-Sep-15 16:33:15

Cybex is M&P owned. You could try the non Cybex branded Aton.

Do you have an M&P store anywhere nearby? They ought to be able to tell you which ones should fit and they might have models you can try out in store on your pram.

spekulatius Sun 27-Sep-15 20:10:58

I've emailed M&P, there is a store here too if they don't get back.
Alice, no of course I don't have to have one but I want new baby to have DD1s Two Way Elite once she's outgrown it so I'm not going to buy another ERF seat. I do found it very useful to be able to use the infant carrier on the pram, especially when going to doctors, post office, bank etc instead of carrying the heavy thing plus DD will be able to stand on the buggy board so it will keep her safe as well. IYSWIM.

Sockattack Mon 28-Sep-15 09:57:50

I think the primo viggio is a 44.03 seat hence discontinued. I do wonder if the adaptors will fit other models now. Can you let me know? I've been asked this before and never got the answer.

spekulatius Mon 28-Sep-15 19:19:56

Had an email from M&P today, only the Primo Viagrio fits and it has been discontinued sad

Sockattack Mon 28-Sep-15 19:31:38

In that case I'd be tempted to get a cheap frame like a zapp that'll take a Maxi Cosi and get this Joie Seat deal from Argos ( Maxi Cosi compatible)

Sockattack Mon 28-Sep-15 19:33:21

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