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Car seat for mamas and papas MPX

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hufflebottom Mon 14-Sep-15 16:44:59

I have bought a mamas and papas MPX off friend who had it for both her children, thing is she doesn't have the car seat for it and I wouldn't want a second hand car seat as I'm a bit precious about that sort of thing.

The car seat that should be with it is a Primo Viaggio, but I can't seem to locate one. Can any lovely mumsnetters out there be able to help?

Or maybe know what one may go with the frame.

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AliceMum09 Mon 14-Sep-15 18:29:43

I'm not sure that Mamas and Papas sell the Primo Viaggio car seat any more. It looks like all their prams use the Cybex car seats now.

They've not sold the MXP chassis for a while (I bought one in 2005 when I was pregnant with my first child), so I don't think you'll get a new car seat to go on it.

You'll not be able to get adapters to use any different car seat because of the way the Primo Viaggio car seat fitted on the MPX chassis - it didn't click onto two 'prongs' on either side of the chassis (the bits that most modern prams have that you can put a set of adaptors on), instead it had a groove on the bottom that you lined up with the metal bar across the middle of the flat 'platform' on the chassis. Hope that makes sense!

You could try googling Peg Perego and see if they still make the Primo Viaggio, but that would probably mean buying from abroad and you'd have to double-check the new ones still fit on an old chassis. I know they did change the design of the Primo Viaggio car seat at some point, a friend had a newer Mamas and Papas pram than me (probably bought around late 2007) and her Primo Viaggio was different to mine.

hufflebottom Mon 14-Sep-15 19:37:04

That's really helpful. Thank you for the reply.

I had a feeling id probably have to get a different car seat.
I will look up peg perego and have a nosey. smile

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AliceMum09 Mon 14-Sep-15 21:33:05

It's not the end of the world if you have a different car seat - I never actually used the Primo Viaggio on my MPX chassis because the stupid seat didn't fit my car!

As a clueless first time mum I just believed the Mamas and Papas sales assistant when she said it would fit most cars and bought the pram package without trying the car seat out. It turned out that the base was way too wide for my car's shaped individual seats (2005 model Renault Scenic) and it wobbled all over the place. You couldn't use the seat without the base, so it ended up with my mum as a spare for her car. I ended up with a Britax infant carrier, and actually it was a much better seat. I couldn't just return the car seat because I would have had to have returned the pram too and I really loved the pram (it was a lovely blue denim Ultima).

hufflebottom Tue 15-Sep-15 08:55:19

I think a slightly smaller one will be better as I'm likely to still have my Peugeot 206cc.

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Juejue831 Fri 19-May-17 16:06:48

Wanting stage one car seat for a Peugeot 206cc

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