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car seat help - confused!!

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woodwaj Mon 31-Aug-15 22:24:54

I have a nearly 7 month old who is fine in his first car seat but I need to start getting my head around a new seat, I don't know if I just have baby brain or if there is just too much option!

We currently have the cybex aton isofix base in place and are using the car seat attachment from the mamas and papas zoom travel system.

Can I still use the isofix with another group 1 rear facing car seat..or is the base pretty much useless once he's outgrown this seat?

Any advice is greatly received!!

Laquila Mon 31-Aug-15 22:34:54

AFAIK you can't use the Isofix base form your infant carrier with a next-stage car seat, mainly because most mext-stage seats don't actually have a separate base - they effectively have it built in. There are a few of exceptions to this (Maxi-Cosi 2-Way Pearl, Joie I-Anchor), but even these exceptions don't use an infant carrier Isofix base.

The best advice I can give you is to go to a reputable car seat fitter such as the In Car Safety Centre, with your car, and try a few different seat in your car. Your car has Isofix, so you need to decide whether to use that or get a belted seat (some people find Isofix is generally easier to fit correctly, but it's not quite as flexible in that not all cars have it, and Isofix seats are generally heavier so harder to move. Also it's easier to make minor adjustments to the position of a belted seat to accommodate a sloping back seat in your car, for example).

Personally, I'd always recommend that anyone choosing a next-stage car seat do their research (there's a lot of info around) and know that extended rear-facing car seats are now considered safer than forward-facing ones. It's so important to get the one that fits your car correctly though. Good luck! It was not an experience I relished...

woodwaj Tue 01-Sep-15 08:11:52

That's great thanks for the advice it saves me going around in circles looking for something that doesn't exist!!

Velvet1973 Tue 01-Sep-15 10:49:15

We have the cybex sirona which is 0-4 years rear facing and love it. I have to say I've been really impressed by cybex as a brand and we will probably look at the Pallas or solution as our next one when he's 4.

Laquila Tue 01-Sep-15 11:11:45

Everyone I've spoken to who has the Sirona seems to like it. We have a BeSafe IZi Combi Isofix and a Joie Stages, which is belted. Both rear face til about 4 years old and I'd recommend both - we've been pleased with them.

woodwaj Sat 12-Sep-15 22:57:30

I went for the maxi cosi axiss ifit in the end! Just thought I would update.

Sockattack Mon 14-Sep-15 09:15:48

I'm glad you've chosen to continue to rear face but the new maxi cosi axoss is only going to rear facing up until about age 2. Do you know that? If not have you been missold seat?

It's a very expensive seat and you could have got a longer lasting rear facing seat for alot less.

woodwaj Mon 14-Sep-15 10:04:04

No I was aware the staff in the shop were very helpful i think I'm happy to forward face as and when he out grows the rear fave

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