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Head lolling in the Joie I anchor

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eviltwin1098 Sat 22-Aug-15 22:51:41

Has anyone else had issues with this? i i think that I was told that there was a wedge I could get to prevent this from happening, has anyone got one?

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Wed 30-Sep-15 22:42:53

No idea about a wedge, but we got ds a little neck pillow.

Used it in the car seat, rucksack thing to carry him... Anywhere else he wanted to use it.

Came from a walking/outdoor shop. Probably where we got the rucksack from!

sam289 Fri 27-Nov-15 21:10:19

hi, did you ever get sorted with you i anchor problem? i also have the same issue, if you are interested please join there are a few of us with the same problem.

eviltwin1098 Sat 04-Jun-16 22:33:56

Hi, I've only just seen this and just asked to join the face book group. Did you get your issue sorted as I have only really done short journeys since I originally posted so kind of gave up but now that I have seen all the issues want to join the fight:-) I was thinking that I would just turn her around as the head lolling is not so bad forward facing but kind of defeats the object of spending heaps on a rear facing car seat.

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