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Which car seat for 7 seater which needs regular access to back seats.

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Kutsy Wed 12-Aug-15 13:15:57

Hi all. Hopefully will be buying an mpv soon to transport my 2 lo's (13 months and 3.4 years) and grandparents easily. Now my 13 month old will be going into her big brothers cybex sirona and I will be buying my 3 year old a new forward facing seat. My question is which seat can I buy that will be easily taken off and on as I need to fold the rear seat for passengers to gain access to the 3rd row of seats. My lo's will be sitting in the middle row as this will be the safest for them currently. My research suggests the kiddy guardian pro 2 might be a good option as it is fastened with the seatbelt only and should relatively easy to shift to gain access. Is there any others that are worth considering? Many thanks.

Superexcited Wed 12-Aug-15 13:19:21

Unless you are buying a large mpv (sharan, galaxy, Alhambra) then you will probably need to move the children into the very rear seats when you are transporting adults. The smaller MPVs (zafiras, grand picasso, s max etc) have tiny rear seats with very little leg room and are not really suitable for adults to travel comfortably.

Kutsy Wed 12-Aug-15 13:25:00

Just need to transport one adult (very slim and petite mum how does she do it!!) and she seems to find the back of the grand Picasso ok for medium to short journeys. And in about a year my little boy should hopefully be sensible enough to get into the third row of seats and do himself up? ( wishful thinking perhaps?)

Superexcited Wed 12-Aug-15 13:33:06

If she is slim and agile she could probably just sit in the middle seat of the middle row saving the hassle of needing car seats which are not affected by the seats being pulled forward to allow access to the rear.

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