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Kiddy Evo-Lunafix/Cybex Cloud Q versus rear-facing seat

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neomamma Sun 09-Aug-15 11:22:13

Really keen on a lie-flat seat for newborn due late October (would also consider Cybex Cloud Q) but a bit confused by the new guidelines on rear-facing iSize seats especially since both the seats mentioned are pretty new on the market. Can anyone advise on whether it would be a bad idea to get a non-iSize seat at this point despite there apparently not being any lie-flat ones available? Thanks!!

AliceMum09 Sun 09-Aug-15 13:45:04

You can ignore I-Size if you want to, it's only running alongside the old regulations. It's not 'compulsory' to have an I-size seat and won't be until at least 2018.

Just choose the baby seat that you like and that fits your car best. If you want a lie flat one that's fine, then when it's outgrown you can buy a bigger rear facing seat with an 18kgs limit (about 4 years) or a 25kgs weight limit (about 6 years). That's going to keep your LO safer than the I-size regulations anyway!

Bigger rear facing seats have been around for years, in Sweden the majority of under 4's have been in rear facing seats since the late 60's (forward facing car seats for toddlers just aren't sold there, not because they have any different laws but because there is no demand for them). I-size doesn't go far enough by still allowing children to forward face at 15 months, as far back as 2009 a study in the British Medical recommended that all under 4's should be in rear facing seats, but nothing has been done about this.

neomamma Mon 10-Aug-15 21:51:40

thank you!smile

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