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High back booster after 2 way elite

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hotdog74 Thu 06-Aug-15 07:15:41


My DD is 4 years and 9 months and has always been rear facing in her 2 way elite. We have been away over the summer and she has been in High back boosters forward facing and we now feel that she is ready to swap. She is very tall (112 cms) and her eye line is not far from the top of the 2 way elite and she is now expressing a desire to forward face now.
We want to put her into a high back booster, but given how tall she is already, we need one that has a good amount of growth in the back as I want her to have the side impact protection for as long as possible.
Does anyone have any suggestions for moving into a high back booster with an already relatively tall child?
Many thanks

Artandco Thu 06-Aug-15 07:22:18

Concord transformer xt

Or the Cybex Solution

hotdog74 Fri 07-Aug-15 08:24:50

Thank you Artandco - I like the look of the Cybex solution Q fix so we will see if we can track one down locally to have a look at :-)

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