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Bubble Bum v Trunki Boostapak

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TransvisionTramp Wed 29-Jul-15 13:32:52

About to go on holiday with DS's and am wondering whether to get the Bubble Bum or the Trunki, for short taxi transfers.
Anyone got experience of either?

AliceMum09 Wed 29-Jul-15 23:52:34

What age are your children? The Trunki might be better for younger ones as it's quite 'thick' so it really lifts the child up to a good height for the diagonal bit of the seatbelt. I think the Bubblebum looks a lot thinner, but we only have a Trunki Boostapac so I can't directly compare the two.

The Trunki is good to use as a bag too, but it's quite heavy. A child younger than 6 would moan about having to carry it (or maybe that's just my children!)

JellyTipisthebest Thu 30-Jul-15 01:58:46

I have the bubble bum and its a pain to use, It is difficult to strap the child in. I wish I had got the trunki. The trunki is also narrow so fits in the car between to car seats better

TransvisionTramp Thu 30-Jul-15 15:59:36

Thanks for this, I think I'll go with the Trunki. grin

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