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Stick with a Priori XP or change to Advansafix for small 4 year old

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MrEBear Thu 23-Jul-15 23:29:10

DS is 4 and half but he is small, 97cm tall and about 14.5kg. So not big enough to go into a Group 2/3 HBB.

The cover on my Priori is starting to look worn, mainly around the buckle not helped by DS. It's really beginning to bug me. The cost of a new cover is £60 so no not an option really.

Sensible options are:-
Try and re-stitch / patch it, use it for another year or so until DS is a bit bigger and ready for the next stage seat, probably a ISOFIX Maxi Cosi or Britax.

Replace it with a 1-2-3 Advansafix.

While he is in the harness I wouldn't have though their would be much difference in safety between the Priori and the Advansafix but is the Advansafix as good as a dedicated Group 2 seat?

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