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Joie Steadi

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mummyhanz Thu 23-Jul-15 15:49:50

Does anyone own this carseat? It should be arriving soon, we have brought it to use for childminder's car and use in our campervan. I am hoping it fits well in both. My son is small so will hopefully last him a while despite being a very active toddler ;)

Any thoughts on it from other users would be appreciated....

shitebag Sun 26-Jul-15 14:54:08

We have one.

Tbh i wish we'd have opted for something else as I've yet to find a car it fits firmly in, especially rear facing so I will only use it forward facing now which isn't what I wanted. It belts in fine but it just always seems to move about a bit too much side to side.

I'm also no expert but I can't figure out how to adjust the height of the straps and there don't seem to be any instructions on how to do so, the chest pads are also annoyingly sewn onto the harness straps which means that they are always on the shoulders.

The seat itself seems comfortable and will easily last until 4 I think, luckily we don't use it too often as we don't drive so only occasionally or I wouldn't be happy using it full time.

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