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How much did you actually spend on a high back booster?

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I'm just a bit shocked i suppose! I started out looking at the Britax adventure for around £50 but I've read/heard so much sales blurb about "if you care about the safety of your child you'll spend more money" that now i'm looking at a Cybex solution q2 for £190, and i've seen others that are about £700!
It's not that i'm unwilling to pay it if that really is the best thing, but i just can't work out these products that do basically the same thing, and have passed all safety tests, can differ so wildly in price. Also, it's really hard to compare when most shops are online only. Been to mothercare and J Lewis so far. Does no one stock them all in the same blinking place? Or am i just meant to buy one blind over the internet?!
Assuming that, yes, i do want my child to be safe, how much do i really need to spend to get something half decent?

WinterBabyof89 Mon 20-Jul-15 16:10:56

My mum & dad have just upgraded their car seat for my DS to this one.
Paid £100 from the M&P outlet in Huddersfield..
I'd buy the best for what you can afford. Up until now my DS has had bottom end car seats due to money issues, but he's due an upgrade in our cars soon so will be looking at something similar to what my parents got.

Notso Mon 20-Jul-15 16:39:22

DS2 sits in a Britax adventure. He has to sit in the back seat of our 7 seater and we couldn't fit any of the bigger high back boosters in there.

I want to find a hbb for DS3 so he can sit in the back too but he needs a five point harness. I am really struggling.

AliceMum09 Mon 20-Jul-15 17:43:55

I have two Britax Adventure high backed boosters, and also one Britax KidFix high backed booster that cost £110.

There is no difference in quality, the KidFix is noticeably heavier because it is Isofix but both different boosters are equally well-built. The KidFix has no extra padding, my children are happy to sit in either seat.

I wouldn't buy a high backed booster from a budget brand (like Graco, or the Nania ones you can buy off the shelf in asda) but I would buy a 'budget' seat from a trusted brand, if that makes sense!

Liney15 Mon 20-Jul-15 17:53:26

I've just bought DD a Kiddy Cruiserfix pro as it looked really good and cost £130 for the sportsline colour (as the other colours were £170).

SomethingFunny Mon 20-Jul-15 20:16:40

I think it does make a difference- we have the Britax Kidfix which is isofix and seems as solid and as safe as can be. I can really notice the difference when my children go into other people's cars. The car seats don't seem nearly as strong, solid or safe.

Not sure about £700 booster seats though. That seems a lot!

AliceMum09 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:01:11

My Britax Adventures seem 'solid' because they are a good match for the shape of my car's seats and kind of 'fit' into the car.

My mum has a Graco Junior Maxi high backed booster for her car and the difference between that and the Adventure is really noticeable. The Graco is flimsy (the back is detachable, and often falls off as you move it in and out of the car) and because it is quite 'wide' at the back and on the bottom (not contoured like the Adventure) it does wobble about in the car.

A high backed booster is primarily just a 'booster' to lift the child up so that the seatbelt is positioned properly. As long as you have a decent one that has good body and head support I'm not sure what extra benefits having Isofix (and therefore paying a lot more) offers. Obviously it means you don't have to fasten the seatbelt over the empty seat if you are in the car without your children, but that's not a safety benefit for the child.

Iwanttobeadog Mon 20-Jul-15 21:11:22

Kiddicare britax ones which were about £30. We needed numerous ones (they travel daily in umpteen cars)

As another poster said a booster is just to put the child into the correct position for the seatbelt to do it's job

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