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car seat without own car

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GirlSailor Wed 15-Jul-15 11:23:50

Hi, does anyone have any advice for buying a car seat when you don't have your own car? We live in London and travel by public transport, but don't fancy the bus or tube for the trip home from the hospital, and will be visiting grandparents in the country so will need to use a car seat occasionally.

I'm guessing the best thing would be something light enough to carry on the train, and obviously safety is the most important thing. I know the NCT rent car seats too, but as it would come to about £70 for a year, I imagine if we use it next time as well, then we would get enough use out of it to warrant buying our own.

Any suggestions about what to look for, or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Patapouf Wed 15-Jul-15 11:52:29

Is it for a newborn? I wouldn't worry too much about fit for a 0+ car seat, they tend to be pretty universal unlike later stages.

Don't scrimp and go for the cheapest as you truly get what you pay for, they sre expensive because a lot of money was spent on the design and safety testing. If they aren't, it's because they weren't.

Cybex infant carriers are fairly average price wise and are absolutely brilliant. The Aton q is far superior to the more well known Maxi-Cosi pebble and it's the same price. Bear in mind the seat will probably only last the first 15 months of a child's life.

AliceMum09 Wed 15-Jul-15 14:06:28

If you don't have a car you'll be wanting an infant carrier (Group 0+ car seat) that you can use for as long as possible! The ones that they go into after that are not very portable.

So I would look at the Britax infant carriers, they are just about the longest ones up the back. This is what is important, your baby's legs can dangle over the edge of the seat as much as they like but the seat will only be outgrown when the child's head becomes level with the top of the seat (or when the child weighs 13kgs, but most children outgrow an infant carrier by height not weight).

GirlSailor Wed 15-Jul-15 14:55:00

Great, thanks - I will take a look at those, that's really helpful!

Yep, it's for a newborn, for as long as possible and one that can be carried around would be best as we will have to take it on trips and put it in different cars, so hope that's easy. I'm quite little so would like a portable, light one.

I don't know what we will do after this one is outgrown, but I think there's plenty of time to look into that as this one isn't due until November!

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