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Anyone got Britax Advansafix? having trouble reclining it

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AliBingo Fri 03-Jul-15 11:47:38


We've just moved my 3 year old into an Advansafix with the harness. It's advertised as having a slight recline, and there is a recline handle, but I can't get it to move at all because it seems like it's strapped in too tightly so would never move! Has anyone else managed this?

I'm also having a bit of trouble getting the harness tight enough, is there a special knack to this? It just seems so stiff compared to the old seat. Perhaps you need to get the right angle or something?

Thanks for any tips!

AliceMum09 Fri 03-Jul-15 22:48:24

Someone asked the same question of Britax on their Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. I have copied and pasted Britax's response below

"Hi Donna, in some vehicles due to the seat shaping it is difficult to recline the seat unit when the Top Tether is fully tightened. Therefore if you are unable to adjust the recline when your seat is correctly installed this will be because your vehcile seat shape may be restricting the movement of the seat unit. Therefore in this instance you may need to undo the tether tension so the seat is not being pulled tightly against the back of the vehicle seat. You will then be able to change the recline position and then re-tighten the tether before you start your journey."

Don't know about the harness though. I'm sure I read something about the harness catching on the back of the seat and that was stopping it being tightened enough. Is it just hard to pull, or does it get to a certain point then not go any tighter?

AliBingo Tue 07-Jul-15 10:40:13

Hi, thanks for the reply, that's really useful, I had no idea they had a facebook page, thanks!

The thing about the recline and the shape of the vehicle seat makes perfect sense, and it's handy to know I can recline it by undoing the tether then retightening.

Harness seems hard to pull generally but particularly when it gets to a certain point. The instructions say you must pull the tightening strap horizontally so maybe there is a knack to this. I think at first I may have been pulling upwards, and it seems a bit better now I am trying hard to pull horizontally.

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