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Cheap HBB for holiday

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Chocolatebreadcrumbs Tue 30-Jun-15 21:54:01

Thinking about the Britax Adventure, but also seen a Graco seat.

Which cheap (<£50, it's only for a week's use) high back booster would anyone recommend?


AliceMum09 Wed 01-Jul-15 13:08:17

Definitely the Britax Adventure, compared to the Graco Junior Maxi it's much better - a lot less flimsy and a better shape to fit 'sculpted' vehicle seats. The Graco has a really wide, flat, bottom and wobbles around in a lot of cars.

Also, I don't take much notice of Which?'s views on car seats, but they do give the Graco one a very poor review. Apparently it offers so little side impact protection that it's no different to using a backless booster.

I have two Britax Adventures, my mum bought the Graco one as a spare for her car. I swap my Adventures into her car rather than let my kids use the Graco seat!

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