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High backed booster: Joie Trillo, Recaro Milano, Monterey2, Britax Adventure, Graco Assure - or another?

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HayFeverSucks Mon 22-Jun-15 11:48:36

I'm looking for a HBB for my nearly 4 year old and wondered if anyone had anything to say, positive or negative, about any of the following car seats:

Joie Trillo (LX)
Recaro Milano
Monterey 2

Britax Adveture - I've read very mixed reviews about this one. Also I think it only just missed being on the which don't buy list.

Graco Assure/Sport Lux/Diablo

Thank you

LittleMissStubborn Mon 22-Jun-15 21:19:03

The Britax Adventure is a good budget buy, and I am very happy with mine (2nd car) They are not very padded and the cover moves every time they get in, but they are narrow so good if you need them slim (we needed to get 3 seats in the car) and the sip is pretty good, but they aren't that big and whilst my eldest fitted in till she was over 135cm she is pretty slim built - they wouldn't fit a larger built child.

I am not sure of the others - we have the Britax Kidfixes in the main car and my eldest is now 140cm and still fits in (but again she is slim built) I have been very happy with them. They say they recline but the recline is at the back under the bottom so you can only be done when they are not in it plus it only reclines against the seat. Mine have both comfortably slept in them.

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