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Besafe izi plus - anyone have this?

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Hobby2014 Sun 21-Jun-15 18:52:53

Would you recommend?

I've been researching car seats for what feels like an age and this seat seems to be the one.

We need a car seat that will last a long time for DS who is off the charts for height and top of the chart for weight. He's 10 months.

We want ERF, recline without uninstalling the seat, it's passed the Swedish test so super safe, lasts til 25kg rather than 18kg, seatbelt doesn't get in the way of putting DC in the seat, head rest moves, has extra support for head etc.
Seems like it does all we want, except swivel to make life easier, but I don't think it's that important. I'd rather it be a really safe seat.

Only thing I need to look into is when it's tethered to the seat in front - where does it tether to? I can't find any points in my car (Vauxhall corsa breeze 2008) so is it ok to go through the seat? I've seen it done on some installation videos online so assume it's ok. And then I assume the front seat just can't be moved forward or back at all? Which is fine.

Anyone have it and recommend it? Anyone have it and not get on with it?
Just want to check before forking out £300!

Thanks very much!

AliceMum09 Sun 21-Jun-15 21:03:48

I have a Britax Multi Tech II for my three year old and the tether straps for that are looped round the metal runners that the front passenger seat sits on. So that could be an option if the rails in your car are not flush with the floor and therefore have a gap to allow the tether straps to thread underneath.

Hobby2014 Sun 21-Jun-15 21:12:07

Ooh thanks Alice. I'll have a look at the runners to see if I have a gap.

Hobby2014 Sun 21-Jun-15 21:45:15

Has anyone got this seat?

Hobby2014 Mon 22-Jun-15 10:08:31

Anyone? grin

captaincake Tue 23-Jun-15 15:49:17

Have you tried it in your car? It wouldn't fit in my audi a3 and I had to get the besafe izi isize instead.

greensnail Tue 23-Jun-15 15:56:54

We had a besafe izi combi but it was bought over 5 years ago so I guess seats have moved on in this time. Loved the seat though smile

Mirsath737 Fri 10-Jul-15 17:31:46

Literally just bought this seat for all the reasons you just mentioned, except my DS is smaller than average and has only just outgrown his infant seat at 15 months.

It's a great seat. The anchor belts go through the cushions of the front seat, then loops round each side, it's very secure.

Only downsides I've seen so far is the legroom is significantly reduced in the front seat of my Qashqai, my DH is 6'2" so he will have to drive if we are going in road trips.

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