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Next stage car seats for pre schooler and baby

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Misty9 Sat 13-Jun-15 19:54:33

Currently we've got ds, 3.10, in a britax maxway, and dd, 14mo, in her besafe izi go. Looking at the next stage seat for dd and can't decide whether to get her another erf and keep ds in his for as long as possible, or to put her in the maxway and ds into a stage 1 2 3?

Ds is just under 16kg and grows pretty slowly. He's got a good 4-5cm before his head hits the top of the maxway. Dd is nearly 10kg and probably needs to move seats in the next couple of months... I'm not overly impressed with the maxway as its a pain to install - and ds is now looking pretty squashed with his legs up against the back seat. I do like the look of the dual fix for dd...

What is best to do??

Misty9 Sat 13-Jun-15 19:55:24

Oh, and we're in Norwich so have whatever john Lewis stocks as choice for erf we can test in the car smile

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