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Car seat jammed!

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edmozley Sat 06-Jun-15 22:29:48

Hello Everyone...

I have somehow managed to get our Nania car seat completely jammed on one side. I think there might be some seat belt jammed in there which has prevented it properly locking but I can't be sure.

I've attached a couple of photos and hope someone can help.

On on side you can see there is a clear gap between the red bit that you pull to release the seat and the silver bar marked A001. What should have happened on the other one is that once it was locked then the red bit should have pinged in so there was a gap like the other one.

You can see on the jammed one that the locked indicator is mostly green but there is a bit of red. I have tried kneeling on it and then pushing with pretty much all my strength to push the seat back as far as it possibly can but still no luck.

I've also tried releasing the other side and wiggling the seat in pretty much all directions!

Hope someone has come across this before!!



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