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car seat for a KA

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princessvikki Fri 15-May-15 12:06:52

hi all
i dont drive but my mum has a ford KA 2003 i think, and she drives me everywhere so i need a car seat suitable from birth that will fit properly and i cant find anything! i ordered a britax first class which was supossd ot fit but we couldnt get it in the back seat with my 16 month old dd's car seat( she has a britax eclipse). ideally i would like one that will last not just a newborn seat.
can anybody help????

AliceMum09 Fri 15-May-15 20:55:31

In what way couldn't you get it in next to another car seat? Do you mean there was going to be no room for you to get the baby into the First Class once it was installed? I can see how this would happen, lots of people have said that to get a child into a rear facing seat in a 3-door car they climb into the back and sit on the back seat next to the child seat - you'll obviously not ba able to do this with another child seat in the way.

I think you're going to need an infant carrier, a base for it in the rear would be ideal but if that's too expensive you could consider using in the front of the car without a base.

NightsOfGethsemane Fri 15-May-15 21:03:01

I used to have a KA. We had a toddler seat (Britax Evolva maybe?) and a Maxi Cosi Infant carrier for the baby. This worked well and both had enough space. I got a bigger car before he needed a toddler seat. Sorry, that wasn't very helpful!

But if you want a larger seat for the baby, I would go to Mothercare or Halfords or Babies R Us and try combinations of seats until you find something that will fit with your existing seat.

princessvikki Fri 15-May-15 21:06:08

No I literally mean it wouldn't fit, we couldn't get it in at all. Im really struggling, I've got a bravo eco carrier I used for my 1st dd but I always felt like it was too loose and didn't really fit very well

NightsOfGethsemane Fri 15-May-15 21:43:36

sorry, do you mean you couldn't get it in the door? Or have I misunderstood? Did you try taking the parcel shelf off and going through the boot?

princessvikki Sat 16-May-15 07:18:33

We tryed everything it just wouldn't go, which is weird because the britax fit finder said it would??? Even if we had got it in there's no way it would have fit next to my dd's seat so I gave up and returned it. Now I can't find anything else

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