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Help find me a rear facing car seat

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susiebee46 Mon 11-May-15 21:25:12

I'm looking for a car seat for a group 1 car seat and am completely boggled by all the choices.

I'd really like a rear facing seat ideally with option to go forward facing.
Our budget is £200.

I have a small car (Ford Escort) and I cant seem to find one that will fit it that isn't hugely expensive. The iZi plus looks good but is £320. A lot of the MaxiCosi seats also look good but don't fit in our car.

Help please wise mumsnetters

cookiefiend Mon 11-May-15 21:42:24

No idea what seat- we have the izi be safe, but a bigger car. I had no idea what to get either, but would totally recommend the company securatot. We have no erf sales placed near us, but I called these guys told them what car we had and budget etc and they knew what seats would work. Very helpful (promise I don't work for them!)

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