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Car seat recommendations?

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Hobby2014 Sun 15-Feb-15 19:35:21

Can anybody recommend a rear facing car seat for ds 6 months, (who is 10kg already) that can eventually forward face at 4ish years but lasts longer. Reclines. Swivel would be lovely but not essential. But that whilst is RF the seatbelt doesn't get in the way of you putting baby in?

We like the Joie Changes as it goes up to 25kg, approx 7 years, but the seatbelt strap goes diagonally across the opening of the door so it looks like it's going to be continually in the bloody way. Does anyone have this car seat? Does it get in the way?

I asked in mothercare today and they said all RF car seats will have the same problem.
However I've seen the Britax two way elite which anchors to the seat in front and the seatbelt goes through the seat so nothing's in the way. But can't find this in any stores local to be for it to be fitted in car for me / be told it will go in my car.

I don't know anything about isofix so don't know what they do/if our car can have it etc. its a 2008 corsa if anyone knows? If it can, will this help me get a car seat with all the points id like?

Or is it best to just look at car seats that RF only and then buy a new FF one when the time comes?

I really have no clue. blush
Please help!
Thank you

Hobby2014 Mon 16-Feb-15 10:44:25


pickles184 Mon 16-Feb-15 10:58:32

I have the Cybex Sirona which I LOVE, it swivels, rf to 18kg or can be ff. My dd at 2+ 13kg could easily still be rf if it wasn't for the fact that she can escape a 5 point harness and therefore needs to ff with the roll pad. It is so easy to use and the swivel function really does make a huge difference to getting in and out. Given my messy monster I also appreciate how simple it is to take all the covers off for cleaning, it still looks like new despite countless runs through the washing machine. You use isofix points not the seatbelt so nothing to get in the way and safer (if your corsa doesn't already have them they can be retro fitted by the dealer for around £25)
The only downside against your wishlist is that it will only last to 4yrs/18kg before needing to be changed.
We will be sticking with Cybex when the time comes to change, I simply can't fault their products.

Pico2 Mon 16-Feb-15 12:31:27

The In Car Safety Centre will be able to tell you if the 2 way elite will fit in your car. Though it doesn't match all of your requirements.

AliceMum09 Mon 16-Feb-15 17:17:48

If your son is already 10kgs at 6 months old then you need to be looking at seatbelt-fitted rear facing seats because they have a weight limit of 25kgs for rear facing. ISOFIX ones only go up to 18kgs, so you are not going to be able to keep your son rear facing until he's 4 in an ISOFIX seat.

Mothercare don't know what they are talking about when it comes to bigger rear facing seats. The Joie Stages is a bit of a 'one-off' in that it's belted in but only has a limit of 18kgs rear facing, and also it's the only seat where the seatbelt goes round it infant carrier-style. All the other belt-fit seats route the seatbelt through the seat under the child's feet (so it never gets in the way) and have the 25kg limit. Have a look at the seats on this website and this one

The Axkid seats are good for taller and heavier children. I have a Britax Multi Tech II for my nearly-3 year old (but she only weighs 11.5kgs, so I could have got away with an ISOFIX seat for her, she's not going to reach 18kgs until she's about 6!)

Hobby2014 Mon 16-Feb-15 20:20:02

Thanks everyone.
This is more difficult than I thought!
Today we checked the car and found isofix points so decided on an isofix seat but if they can only go up to 18kg I don't want one! Ahhhh!
Having a look at the websites linked now. Thanks again.

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