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Rearward facing

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Physcobitch Thu 22-Jan-15 21:06:28

I am
So confused with these car seats. DS is 8 months but he is a big baby around 21lbs. For safety aspect I want a rearward facing car seat which is the best. Any advice please

BMO Thu 22-Jan-15 21:36:23

Can he not stay in his infant seat a while longer? After that you can either choose a seat that is rear facing until 13kg and then forward facing til 18kg (e.g. Britax First Class) or a seat that is rear or forward facing to 18 or 25 kg (e.g Joie Tilt/Stages, Hauck Varioguard, Britax Two Way Elite)

junemami Fri 23-Jan-15 07:57:47

I found securatot very helpful, I have an axkid minikid for my toddler & have just bought a joie I anchor 0-1 seat for dc2 due next month as knew we couldn't put the minikid behind driver (dh needs it all the way back). The I anchor is more compact but prob won't last as long as axkid. Worth going to try some in your car, we discovered when we had an astra even though it had isofix the points were v badly placed so ruled out any isofix seats.
Keep in the infant seat as long as poss though, check weight limits & that his head hasn't come above the top of the seat.

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