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advice on which rear-facing car seat please!!

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dididances Tue 20-Jan-15 22:07:27


Can you help us please? Our daughter is outgrowing her baby car seat and needs a bigger one. We need to get a rear-facing seat because aside from the safety aspect she also has heart disease and will be having another operation next year, so we don't want a seat that would put any pressure on her chest afterwards.

We have a Ford Focus Ghia and we can't seem to find a car seat that isn't Isofix (bleeding Ford didn't put them in Focus' then) that will fit. Supposedly Fords have short seat belts. We tried a Joie Stages but it won't fit!

Do you have a Ford Focus? Which car seat do you use? Any ideas??


nutellawithbananas Tue 20-Jan-15 22:13:42

The klippan triofix can be used either with the iso fix or a seat belt. We've used it in a c - max. I'm not too sure if that is bigger or smaller than a focus though... We've also used it in a pickup which has small seat belts. Because the belt goes under the body it doesn't need to be as long as on the infant carriers where they often go round the front of the seat.

dididances Tue 20-Jan-15 22:25:10

Oh, thank you! That's very helpful. I'll Google it. I can't believe a Ford Focus would be so difficult to get a decent seat in!

StoryOfMyLife Wed 21-Jan-15 07:17:23

We had both a klippan kiss and britax two way elite in our old ford ka, belted in with the seat belt. I think the belts were fairly short.

I highly recommend contacting the in car safety centre for advice. If you can go there great (think its Milton Keynes) but if not they were very helpful in the phone and will likely be able to recommend something.

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