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High Back Booster Seat

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wiltingfast Tue 16-Dec-14 13:24:27

Ok, in the market for a high back booster for my almost 4yo.

Have the Kiddy Guardian Pro for my ds which was the safest according to which when i bought it BUT it is v bulky and we are currently trying for no 3 so looking for a slimmer seat really. Plus I am sick of trying to reach around it to close the safety belt into the clip shallow.

Any recommendations? Lots of britax around, what are they like?

Plus anyone know the current safest high back boosters according to which?

Many thanks.

AliceMum09 Tue 16-Dec-14 19:53:30


2 Britax high backed boosters are Best Buys - the KidFix XP SICT and the KidFix SICT ISOFIX. Which? also seem to like the Cybex and Kiddy high backed boosters, the main thing with all the Best Buy boosters is that they are ISOFIX.

I have a KidFix high backed booster, not sure which particular variant (and it is a couple of years old now) but it doesn't have any extra side cushions or anything. I could fit three of these in my car, but only if I were to slide the seats about (my car has three individual seats in the back, as opposed to one 'bench', and you can slide the seats back and forth). I would not fit three in a straight line because they are quite wide at the top.

If you look at the Britax website for the most up-to-date boosters, you will notice that none of them now have the 'horns' at either side of he child's hips. A seat like one of those would make it much easier to reach the seatbelt buckles if you have three child seats in the car.

Here are the Britax boosters

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