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Isofix + rf for group 1/2/3... does it exist? What is better?

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Spanglishmum Tue 16-Dec-14 00:02:10

I'm totally lost; any advice will be appreciated as I don't really know what is the best option in car seats for my child... getting more a more confused . Does it exist a car seat for groups 1 and above with isofix and the posibility of rear facing...
Help pls . Thanks!

AliceMum09 Tue 16-Dec-14 19:56:21

There are plenty of Group 1 rear facing seats that are ISOFIX, but most are just for Group 1 (rear facing to 18kgs, then you have to buy a new seat).

I believe the Klippan Triofix and Triofix recline are ISOFIX rear facing to 18kgs then can be used forward facing as a high backed booster.

katandkits Mon 29-Dec-14 04:48:43

Triofix recline is what i have. Can be isofix or belt fix. Rear or forward facing with harness to 18kg. Ff booster on the isofix base to 25kg, without the base to 36kg. Expensive seat but will last ages. Only problem is that although it says from 9kg i think the lowest headrest and harness setting would be too high for a baby, but perfect from age 2 so you would have to use the baby seat as long as possible. If you need a seat suitable for a younger toddler or a baby, the ones that convert to boosters tend not to be very suitable, you are better of with a group 0/1 seat. There are lots of great isofix group 1 seats with isofix. The hauck varioguard and the britax dualfix can face either way, the klippan kiss is rf only but a great seat and has belt fit option, there is also the cybex sirona and the besafe range of seats.

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