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something like a trunki boostapak

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writtenguarantee Sun 14-Dec-14 11:17:22

my memory may be wrong, but we got DD1 a trunki boostapak for 20 pounds a few years ago and now they seem to be going for 45.

is there anything equivalent out there that isn't so dear?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sun 14-Dec-14 11:19:50

£45 is a reasonable price for a booster! Mind, if Id bought one once upon a time for £20 I would probably think "grrrr why is it pricier?" but it is still an appropriate price.

AliceMum09 Sun 14-Dec-14 17:37:32

There is that inflatable one isn't there? The Bubblebum? Not sure I'd trust it, but agree that £45 is a bit steep for a Boostapac. I bought our Boostapac from Amazon, that must have been the cheapest place about a year ago and I seem to think it was £30+ but not £40.

Do they have them in Argos? If I find that something costs the same wherever I'm going to buy it from I sometimes go to Argos and use Nectar points to get something off the price.

33goingon64 Sun 14-Dec-14 17:51:03

We took Trunki Boostapak on holiday and it was great, definitely worth the money. You can fit all you need for the day inside it too: spare clothes, bottle, wipes, snack, suncream etc.

Tiggywunkle Mon 15-Dec-14 13:36:16

We have a Boostapak and a Bubblegum, and the Boostapak is much better IMHO. The Bubblegum resides in the car for emergencies. The Boostapak is used every day by DD as she comes home via school transport - they didn't want her to use anything, but I insisted.

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