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snugsafe carseat!! Anyone else having issues??

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clairemiss79 Sun 09-Nov-14 07:57:21

This car seat is beyond useless. My 4 week old baby fits in with the straps on the top setting and no head hugger which means her head flops about everywhere. I rang kiddicare to complain and initially they offered me a free seat and base as a replacement. They told me to get back to them.
I did get back to them in 3 weeks and they are now denying any issues with snugsafe. Obvs because of the amount of complaints they've received in that time. This seat is not safe!!!! Anyone else having probs?

Isisizzie Sun 09-Nov-14 17:29:49

Are you saying that the straps are to short to fit? If so fully extent end the harness, then turn the seat over and where the waist harness attaches to the seat pull the webbing off the seat be firm to detach it. You can then move the silver bracket to the end of the webbing. Then click back onto the seat. This will give you more room on the harness to put the head hugger back on.
I hope this helps.

clairemiss79 Mon 10-Nov-14 05:50:59

Omg that makes sense!!! Why would they make a car seat that's so difficult to adjust. I'm going to try mine now and see if that helps. Thanks smile

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