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Britax maxfix-2.5 year already too big. Anyone else own one?

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CynthiaDelgado Thu 06-Nov-14 11:08:43


I have 4 children and over the years have owned an awful lot of car seats. so have plenty of experience of them. With dc4 I decided to get ERF as safer. I had to persuade DH as we had a perfectly good pair of forward facing seats from dc3.

We got a TWE for DH car and a max fix for mine. We didn't get the TWE for mine as we both drive the car and it wouldn't have worked with moving the front seats back and forth.

Anyway I'm not loving either of them. The TWE has had to be put v upright for DS 2.5 to fit his legs in and he does not look comfy at all. If he falls asleep he lolls forward which does not look safe at all.

With the Max fix he just seems too tall and there is no where for his legs. He is tall (100cm) but is all leg. The rebound bar is a pain as its just far enough out for his shoes to get trapped in it. He's very heavy to get in it and often his legs get twisted and Ive nearly twisted his ankle several times. If he has boots on its even worse. The rebound bar makes sitting cross legged hard and he just looks squashed in and seems to flop to one side.

So basically he is not comfy in either seat and on balance I feel we have wasted our money. Yes I agree its safer but if he is upset and crying its more distracting and I feel more at risk of an accident. Annoyingly we got rid of our previous seats so I will have to buy more.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this experience. Sorry for the ramble.

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