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Ignore Vectra thread...easy-to-fit ERF for Astra pls?

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Laquila Thu 23-Oct-14 15:02:57

Sorry, I've just been informed that I'm an idiot and my parents' car is an Astra, not a Vectra...

We have a BeSafe iZi Combi in our car, and are looking for an ERF seat for my parents' Astra (2007). The seats are weirdly slanted (backwards) and apparently some Britax and BeSafe seats don't fit very well in there, although TBH the iZi Combi seems fine.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced seat ERF seat (ideally til 18 or 25kgs) that they have experience of fitting in a Astra? It'll be staying in there most of the time, but will come out maybe once a week, so easy fitting is important, as my parents aren't very confident with car seats and get themselves in a bit of a flap about it.

The Astra has Isofix but I don't mind belted, as long as it's straightforward and fairly foolproof to fit. But am I right in thinking there's nothing Isofix ERF past 18kgs?

Thanks very much in advance.

junemami Sat 01-Nov-14 23:19:57

Hi we had an astra, when we first went to look at erf seats at securatot they weren't happy to fit anything with isofix as the points in the astra were a lot lower than the seat and they felt this would put a lot of strain on the isofix arms, so I would check where their points are first. We ended up with a axkid minikid which we're happy with. There are some good videos for installation, it's not as easy as isofix though. Most tricky part is fitting the tether straps but once they're in they can be left in place.
Minikid goes up to 25kg so average 5/6 yrs. My dd is 2.5, v happy in it and plenty of growing space. We did need to put a rolled up towel under the front of the seat to get a slightly better recline, as the astra seats are quite bucketed. Would recommend going to try some out & found securatot very helpful.

strawberrysplit Sun 02-Nov-14 14:11:23

My friend has an axkid mini in an astra, I've also used ours in a Vectra - fitted fine but also needed a rolled towel under the front of the seat as the leg bit managed to fit right in the most bucketed part of the seat. It's pretty fool proof once the tether straps are fitted and I love that you tighten them by rocking the seat as the tethers are what I find hardest about fitting our izi kid.

Laquila Tue 04-Nov-14 19:39:30

Thanks very much ladies! After MUCH research, taking to the lady from Rear Facing Toddlers and faffing around, we've ended up with a Joie Stages. As you say Junemami, the Isofix points are so low down, and the seats so steep, that really out looked as though belted was going to be the best bet. I had high hopes of the Britax First Class Plus, but it didn't feel at all secure. The Stages has a bit more movement then my iZi Combi Isofix Combi, obviously, but it feels secure and my boy's comfy in it.

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