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Multimac? For 3 under 3 in a Passat

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RunByFruiting Sun 21-Sep-14 14:54:59

There are quite a few older threads on here about multimac seats but just wondering if anyone could give me a more upto date review?

We'd be going for 2 rear facing baby seats & then ds1 (will be almos 3 when baby arrives) will be ff.

Just looking at a slightly Cheaper way of having 3 without going for a 7 seater straight away (we're saving up for either an Smax, Galaxy or Sharan but have a few big outgoings this year so would rather hold off and get a newer model).

Looking for any information really!
How easy it is to fix, comfort, are thy so close together they just spend car journeys kicking each other?

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AliceMum09 Sun 21-Sep-14 21:19:42

Surely it would be cheaper to buy (at most) three new car seats than a MultiMac?

The Britax Eclipse is a slim Group 1 seat for your almost-3 year old, then I bet you could fit an infant carrier either side. You'd probably have to do without bases for the infant carriers (this would give more flexibility placing them in the car), but if you thought it was going to be a pain to have to belt them in each time you could look at the Britax First Class that stays fixed in the car (and also covers birth to 18kgs, so is really good value for money).

I'm sure that with the right combination of seats you'd get 3 in the back of a Passat.

RunByFruiting Sun 21-Sep-14 22:18:57

Funny you should mention both those seats; 1year old has just gone into an Eclipse & 2year old has been in a first class plus from birth!

There's no space inbetween them to fit a newborn seat or an adult (the 'wings' on the side protection come out too far to butt them together or have something else in the middle).
Which is annoying as we were going to just have newborn upfront for the first 14-ish months, me in the back & then upgrade the car next year!

The only option we've got for 3 car seats and an a spare adult knocking about is the 3 yr old up front in a (I think) Britax Evolva style seat, but we'd rather avoid putting him ff up front so young....unless he has a sudden chunky growth spurt (he's tall but light so not big enough for a booster, which would solve all our problems)!

Looking at the options it's 'only' going to be a little under £2k for the seat combo & fitting..,

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Ihateparties Sun 21-Sep-14 22:24:46

Erm..are you sure? 2rf joie tilts and a joie gemm infant seat fit in my i10, under normal circumstances we have 1 tilt and 2hbb in there. We have a tilt and 2 jane montecarlos in a seat Ibiza. It seems unlikely you won't be able to fit 3 in a passat, given the right seats as alice says.

RunByFruiting Sun 21-Sep-14 23:22:06

Will have a look into Joie, thanks for the tip, and get dh to take the car to mothercare/halford & have a fiddle about with their seats (originally I thought we'd get away with ds1 in one of those trunki boosters, as a friend with a passat does 2 first class and the booster for her eldest in the back, but ds1 isn't anywhere near the weight requirement)!

I'll start a new thread seeing what car seats people with 3 under 3 fit in their normal, none tank sizes cars...the longer we can hold off on a 7 seater te the better, and if we can avoid spending so much on the multimac, even more reaason to celebrate!

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Ihateparties Mon 22-Sep-14 10:21:15

I think you can, I'm almost sure of it. In an ideal world I would have something with 3 sets of Isofix like a scenic or c4 Picasso but at the moment a large car just isn't logical for us. Although seats are an irritation I'm happy to hold off the large car until it's the actual dc who need the space in it rather than the child seats.

Kittyzcool Tue 11-Apr-17 09:47:59

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