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Why are there no isofix seats with 3 point harness over 13kgs?

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adrian130980 Fri 22-Aug-14 08:31:21


I have two amazing kids and i am like everyone wanting the safest environment within the car, i have just bought a new car with isofix and now have the following issue.

my kids are 4 nearly 5 and 2 nearly three

i want them in an isofix seat with 3 point harness

but all i see are seat belt ones with isofix
3 point harness with seat belt?

am i being silly or blind?


bonzo77 Fri 22-Aug-14 08:37:24

Your little one should be in a group 1 seat with 5 point harness, unless he is over 18kg or very tall. An isofix seat would include maxi cosi priorifix or klippan kiss 2 if you want ERF. Your older child probably should be in a high back booster. Britax kid fix has isofix + the cars own 3 point belt. There is a seat with a harness for this weight, cannot remember the name. But I don't think it is isofix.

Squtternutbaush Fri 22-Aug-14 10:03:53

Have they grown out of their current seats?

I may be wrong but I think that only infant carriers are up to 13kg with 3 point harnesses.

The next stage (group 1) generally have 5 point harnesses and go up to 18kg, the safest option is rear facing so might be worth looking at something like the Britax Two Way Elite which is harnessed until 25kg.

hollie84 Sat 23-Aug-14 20:27:04

Have a look at the Hauck Varioguard - it's isofix, harnessed and rear facing or forward facing to 18kg. It's a bit cheaper than other rear facing seats, under £200.

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