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Graco Snugsafe car seat

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benrsmith Wed 20-Aug-14 13:04:36

Does anyone have experience of using the Graco Snugsafe car seat? My wife and I are expecting our first in October and really like the Graco Evo as a pushchair. I understand you can only use Graco car seats to click on to the pushchair. The Snugsafe looks like the best one Graco do but we can't find any helpful reviews of it online. Any tips on the pros and cons of the Snugsafe would be much appreciated!

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kimb0 Tue 26-Aug-14 22:52:38

Nothing to add on this I'm afraid, just also interested in any answers!

I just bought the pushchair from Kiddicare in Bristol as they are having a closing clearance and it was a great price but I'm not finding much clarity about the snugsafe seat anywhere. Firstly I can't find out if it needs an adapter or goes straight on the frame. Secondly, out of a handful of reviews most have been a bit iffy, but with such a popular brand and system I find it hard to believe that it's all that bad...?

benrsmith Wed 27-Aug-14 11:45:13

Hi Kimbo, we managed to find some reviews on the mothercare website which were negative for the car seat. The pushchair on the other hand had parents raving. Unfortunately, only the graco car seat can be used on the pushchair so on the basis of the negative reviews we have decided against it.

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kimb0 Wed 27-Aug-14 16:23:59

It's so difficult! It's raved about here and they gave it a 'Mums Love Award'!

Hmmm, I may just opt for a different seat - I don't have especially strong feelings that I MUST have one that fits on my pushchair frame.

jennyschreurs Fri 12-Sep-14 17:12:25

Please do not buy this seat.
I repeat it is dangerous

I cant even begin to explain why but the reviews on mothercare site are spot on.

I am currently in a heated discussion with graco as my baby was dangling head forward during a car trip. The straps are too hard to adjust and its a horrible unsafe design.


burns82 Mon 15-Sep-14 19:10:40

After Reading Reviews on Mothercare I rang Graco and they said they was aware of certain complaints from Mothercare website of the Snugsafe, and the problem is with the Mothercare staff not knowing how to correctly adjust the waist and buckle strap. I admit it is difficult especially as it does not tell you how to in the Instruction book, They sent me a email with the different ways on how to adjust all the straps which i now know how to do. The Seat has passed all the safety Checks.

jennyschreurs Tue 16-Sep-14 09:18:47

If its not mentioned clearly in their instruction book then clearly this is an issue and should be raised to all buyers. I went to mothercare store again with my baby today and despite them receiving instructions on the phone by graco...they couldnt fit her in securely....the assistant shamefully gave me a replacement seat asap maxi cosi pebble

TestingTestingWonTooFree Tue 16-Sep-14 17:10:42

The Evo pushchair is great but the Snugsafe isn't great. How bad it is will depend on your car, it's adequate in ours but unacceptable in a friend's (she bought a maxi cosi replacement) - it depends on the slant of your rear seats.

Kimbo it comes with an adaptor to fit it to the wheels. That's really easy to use.

CarolineONeill Sat 04-Oct-14 13:02:01

Hi, I just bought the snugsafe and I am not happy with it. My son is 3 weeks old and his head keeps flopping forward no matter what I try. It's not safe and I wouldn't recommend anyone buying it. I bought it as part of the travel system for the Evo. The Evo pushchair is fantastic - I love it! But I am so so so disappointed with the car seat. My advice if you want to get Graco Evo Pushchair.... go with a different car seat!!!

lindz71 Tue 28-Oct-14 14:51:41

Please do not buy this car seat. Have been emailing kiddicare who deny issues and will not replace the car seat. Graco have said it complies with eu standards however it is beyond rubbish. I now use the evo pushchair system but with the amazing logico graco car seat which fits the evo! Its much cheaper, the straps are great and my newborn is so well supported. Do not buy the snugsafe car seat but do buy the travel system and seperate logico car seat. They should be on watchdog for the amount of complaints this car sest has!

likeastar28 Mon 24-Nov-14 19:47:00

Hi, I have brought the evo carseat and had nothing but trouble with it I now no longer feel it is safe to take my newborn out init. Could you sell me - The logico car seat how does this atytatch to the evo pushchair?? would I need new adapters

lizziebee4785 Thu 27-Nov-14 11:20:26

Just wanted to add to this for anyone reading that we have been using this car seat since our little boy was born in August and have had no problems with it at all. He's lovely and comfortable in it and totally secure.

As with anything what works for some does not work for others so i would suggest having a play with as many different ones as you can before you buy.

GRudd Thu 29-Jan-15 16:17:17

I know this thread is old but just incase there is any one wanting an up to date opinion on this car seat, I wanted to give my opinion...
There were a lot of very bad reviews for the Graco Snug Safe car seat and I was in two minds about whether we should purchase it or not before our baby was born. We went with the Graco Evo pram and thought we'd try the car seat out. I can honestly say, it has been perfect. It is easily adjusted, it does not dig into my little boy's legs (as it said on other reviews) and it gives him perfect support. I would buy this car seat again without hesitation. We've been using it now for 9 weeks and also bought the isofix base for ease.

Gemmac270283 Fri 06-Mar-15 15:12:35

I bought the graco evo pram and was not happy with the snug safe car seat, my baby was so uncomfortable when coming home from hospital, we then adjusted all the straps at home and you then couldn't tighten it so was not safe for him to travel in. Took it back to the shop we purchased it from and they swapped it for the graco junior car seat, which has the polystyrene wedge which allows him not to be so uptight and seems to be a lot more comfortable for him. I've seen in mothercare now they have a new snug safe which has a better newborn support, which is a wedge on the outside and is allowing the baby to be more laid back rather than sat up as he was

Shanalee Wed 30-Aug-17 13:22:01

I purchased the Graco Avent Evo travel system in January and my son was born in May. He weighed 7lb 1.5oz but dropped to just over 6lbs but he was super snug in the car seat that came with this travel system. Full support from the insert for his head and body and he always goes to sleep in his car seat however we did buy cute sheep seatbelt covers to stop the straps from rubbing his skin.
He is now 3 months and I've just taken the insert out and adjusted the straps to the next level up, still slightly lower than his shoulder. He is 62cm in length and weighs 12lb 7oz and seems far more comfortable. He has good head support and his head has never flung forward in his seat.
We are off to Cornwall tomorrow so with a 3 hour journey this will be the real test but we've done 2 hour journeys before and he just sleeps.
I really rate this car seat and the pram is super easy to use.
I'd say give it a go and see how you get on with it. Don't listen to other people reviews as every baby is different and at the end of the day it all depends on your budget. If you have lots of money go for silver cross, bugaboo or Icandy but if not this is a very good travel system.

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