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Silvercross Ventura Plus Compatibility

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Wilson777 Mon 28-Jul-14 13:13:02

Hi All,

Was after some advise. We are currently using the Ventura Plus carseat for our 2 month old girl. We don't have an isofix base at the moment but I wanted to see whether the carseat we have can be used with any isofix base or if we are limited to the Silver Cross one?



MyBootsAreMuddy Mon 28-Jul-14 16:58:32

You can only use the silver cross one. This is the base that was designed to fit the seat and would have been crash tested with.

I doubt any other base would fit as each manufacturers design their seats differently and the seats attach/detach in Different ways. Even if you did find one of hat your seat attached to it would be dangerous to use as would not have been tasted for your seat.

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