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Izi go besafe car seat

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katy888 Thu 24-Jul-14 17:27:13

I currently have the izi go besafe car seat and am having real problems with it the lower straps are digging into my daughters legs as is the clasp she's only 3 months and 5.5kg so not a particularly large baby and now everytime she goes into she screams the whole journey it looks really uncomfortable I was thinking maybe we're doing something wrong any ideas?

MyBootsAreMuddy Thu 24-Jul-14 21:13:04

Have you removed both parts of the wedge? A friend of ours has this seat and had a similar problem. It was where she hadn't taken out the wedge part so her ds's bottom was a little to high in the seat causing the buckle to dog into his thigh. Once she removed wedge he sat deeper in the seat and has had no more problems.

katy888 Sat 26-Jul-14 11:55:22

Thank you for your reply I've taken out the biggest wedge but will try taking them both out

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