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Maxi cosi pebble slipping on leather car seats

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MoreSnowPlease Mon 14-Jul-14 13:38:49

Has anyone had this issue and resolved it?

We used or maxi cosi pebble with DS1 fine when he was little before switching to a britax two way elite when he was about 9 months because he was very squashed in the pebble and hated it.

DS2 is due on Friday and I have just tried the pebble in the car but we have a new car with leather seats and I can't seem to get a good fit without the seat tipping forwards when I just touch it gently. It really doesn't seem safe at all.

I guess we could get an isofix base, but I am pretty sure that ds2 will be as big as his brother and will grow out of the seat quickly and then we can only get an up to 18kg erf seat which he will grow out of quickly too.

stargirl1701 Wed 16-Jul-14 23:06:08

Yes! A police officer who fits car seats in our area gave us a solution. A cheap solution! Tesco sell a rubber mat which fits under the headrest and down the seat. It prevents movement of the car seat. I'll see if I can find a link online.

MoreSnowPlease Thu 17-Jul-14 06:26:32

Thanks! Think I've found's called "grip it "?

stargirl1701 Thu 17-Jul-14 07:54:36

Not sure. Spoke to DH. We have an extra one so I can post it to you if you want. Just PM me your address.

HappyAsASandboy Thu 17-Jul-14 07:58:22

I use these mats on my fabric seats as they're fairly slippy.

Kiddicare sell them, or Halfords, or the In Car Safety Centre. There are various brands, but they're basically a wrinkly/bobbly rubber pad that covers the back and bottom of the seat, then you put your child seat on top.

Keep it for with the TWE too, it stops the back of your car seat getting trashed by muddy feet smile

MoreSnowPlease Thu 17-Jul-14 10:47:12

stargirl that would be brilliant thanks very much, I'll pm you now...

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